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2022     All-in-One OTDR(GKP12-90), Starts Supply to KT service

           SOL-Mate Solution, Starts Supply to GLOBE Telecom in the Philippines

2021     Agreed MOU with KT Service for development fiber optic product

           Started to supply SOC to KT and SK

2020     Released SOC(Splice On Connector)

            Developed 5G tester

            Developed All-in-One OTDR tester

2019     Released 5G Fiber Optic Network Monitoring system

           Released Mini OTDR

2018     Developed 5G Optical Multiplexer and started to supply to KT and LG

           Awarded a good taxpayer of Anyang city

2017     Consulted FTTH technology and supplied product & device

           to Globe in Philippines, AIS in Thailand

2016     Awarded a best partner of KTCommerce

           Registered ONT finder patent

2015     Moved to O’BizTower

           Developed and exported “Tap Closure”

           Listed SKBroadband partner company

2014     Certified “Venture company”

2012     Supplied LTE Optical Multiplexer to KT

           Supplied LTE Optical Multiplexer to LG

           Performed the national project

2011     Registered Factory in Uiwang city


2010     Founded Ynet Co., Ltd in Anyang city

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